2019 AFTA NSW Election Policy Analysis

Please find attached a summary of all policies concerning Recreational Fishing & Boating in NSW as presented to AFTA.

Note, that as of the 13thMarch policies were only received by 4 Parties, Labor, SSFP, Coalition & One Nation.

AFTA does not seek to advocate for any political party or individual candidate, we present the policies as presented to us and we distribute these in a non-partisan way.  We believe that individuals will make a decision on what is in their own best interests.

I have updated one of the Coalition Policies at the Ministers request:

Deploy 4 new artificial reefs, 80 Fishing Platforms, 133 Cleaning Tables, Double Fish Habitat Restoration funds, employ 7 new compliance officers, all “examples” of what can be funded from the Recreational Fishing Trust rather than the RecFish NSW Statutory Body