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AFTA promotes recreational fishing and advocates for policies that protect fishing’s future.


Australia’s fishing trade is a great industry, one we should be proud of and one we should be willing to protect. However, AFTA can only keep protecting and promoting our industry, if it is supported by the industry, this means through membership and the annual trade show.

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Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy: 2017–2027

The Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy: 2017–2027 sets out the government’s reform agenda over 10 years, paving the way for a world-class fisheries management system. It’s the biggest fisheries reform in Queensland’s history and will ensure healthy fish stocks...

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SA Snapper Closure Extension

SA Snapper Closure Extension

Snapper Closure Extension Snapper fishery management arrangements Following the release of the SARDI Snapper Stock Assessment Report 2022, the Marine Scalefish Fishery Management Advisory Committee (MSFMAC), made up of industry, recreational and traditional fishing...

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