AFTA and the Recreational Fishing Industry is rallying to support AFTA members and the broader recreational fishing community in areas affected by recent natural disaster events.

AFTA has established a Disaster Appeal Go Fund Me page to assist with getting back to business as usual and helping the local community’s economic recovery. You can donate as today at

In the wake of the most recent and devastating fires and the continuing drought, AFTA is leading the charge to ensure as an industry we support our Recreational Fishing community, businesses and organisations affected by these events in their disaster recovery efforts.

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AFTA has not only has setup this portal to receive money from the community, but has itself decided to kick in with a $20,000 donation directly into the trust account, this amount will be on top of the GoFundMe page funds raised. Currently the total is $58,940 with a donation goal of $80,000. With AFTA topping up the Appeal to a total of $100,000. We need your support to reach our first goal.

“Our thoughts are with those affected by Australia’s recent natural disasters. We are asking our members to dig deep for our Industry and help our fishing communities recover,” said AFTA President, Michael Starkey.

“You can donate by going to:,” he continued.

“We are asking our members of the recreational fishing industry who receive this to share on their social media channels, even if they can’t donate. The more awareness the appeal gets, the more funds can be raised!”

With any natural disaster, the loss and consequences are devastating, the initial loss in the wake of the recent bush fires for many Australians has been enormous. However, many communities are now faced with the overwhelming task of rebuilding their local fishing community and recovering financially. That’s why AFTA has established a Disaster Appeal Go Fund Me page to assist with member’s and fishing industry community get back to business as usual and helping the local community’s economic recovery.

Importantly, the donation recipients will be determined by a committee of those who are from the harshest impacted areas and they will be directing the use of funds to the most urgent projects to support recovery efforts; so the funds are spent on the vital needs of locals.

With fires still ravaging many parts of Australia, some communities have started the task of determining the loss and deciding whether to re-build or not. Similar financial losses also continue in our drought-stricken areas and can’t be forgotten. Our thoughts are with them also during these trying times and we encourage everyone to remain strong and resilient.

The AFTA Board and staff would like to extend their deepest sympathy for losses experienced, our best wishes for recovery and our prayers to those affected by the recent fires and strongly urge members and the fishing community to support the recovery by donating today.

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At this time of year, when most are enjoying a busy trade and turnover, let’s give a moment’s thought and an urgently needed donation to support others in our industry.

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