The BIA has expressed surprise and disappointment in significant boating fee increases announced by Transport for NSW.

BIA spokesperson Neil Patchett said the increases include an extraordinary $900 more for a 10-year personal watercraft which would now cost $1961.

“BIA has supported Transport for NSW over many years to promote safe boating and it is disappointing this announcement was made without consultation with industry,” Patchett said.

“BIA had a meeting with the senior representatives of the Department and the Minister to make clear our concerns regarding those increases which are well beyond CPI.

“We have put those concerns, along with a proposed plan to get a better outcome, to the Minister.”

BIA thanked the Personal Watercraft Distributor Association for its support in this advocacy and the additional support from the Australian Fishing Trade Association. The latter is concerned due to the growth in PWC-based fishing both on enclosed and open waters.