Tasmanian Election – Better Fishing for Everyone

The Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishing Inc. (TARFish) prepared its election priority statement Better Fishing for Everyone and sent it to all three major Tasmanian political parties seeking wide-ranging commitments in support of Tasmania’s 100,000 recreational fishers.

Both the Liberal and Labor parties announced recreational fishing policies and commitments throughout the campaign. The Tasmanian Greens did not provide a response or announce a recreational fishing policy.

So you have all the facts, we’ve provided the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party policy indicating what they will advocate for and is provided again here.

And finally, we gratefully acknowledge the support of independent candidate for Clark, Sue Hickey who indicated her full support for TARFish’s Better Fishing For Everyone priorities statement.

We’ve prepared a comparison of the major parties commitments with our entire election priorities statement – Better Fishing For Everyone

Click here to find out how the major party policies stack up