Black jewfish are now a no-take species on the East Coast.

The black jewfish fishery on the East Coast is closed to commercial and recreational fishing for the remainder of the season. Strong penalties will apply to any commercial or recreational fisher found to be taking black jewfish. The season will reopen on 1 January 2022.

The fishery remains open in the Gulf of Carpentaria, where recreational fishers are reminded that possession limits (1 per person) and boat limits (2 per vessel) apply. Fish must be kept whole while on a boat.

The black jewfish fishery is the only fishery in Queensland that will be closed to recreational fishers as a result of commercial catch limits being reached. This is because of the extremely high risk of black marketing of this species. Research is underway to better understand the sustainability of this species and inform future changes to fishing rules.

AFTA Note:

The principle of “Resource Sharing” in fisheries management is not a “first in – best dressed” scenario as is happening now with the Black Jewfish in Qld.

Recreational fishing quota is set by “bag limits” and should not be shut down just because the commercial sector has reached its quota.

The Hon. Bob Baldwin


Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA)