Daiwa Australia’s Bob Mercer ended his 19-year tenure as Managing Director on 1 April 2022, with the well respected and much-loved Director making the step into retirement and non-corporate life.

The first non-Japanese appointed Managing Director of Daiwa Globeride, Mercer has had a long and successful tenure (2003-2022) at Daiwa Australia stewarding the company to develop and succeed in all areas of business.

From successive years of growth in sales, the greater acquisition of industry market share, to the evolution of product development and the championing of design and product trends, Mercer has played a leading role in Daiwa Australia’s development and evolution over the last two decades. It’s Daiwa Australia’s fostering and strengthening of its relationships with its partners that Mercer is perhaps proudest of.

“Relationships that develop trust, allow growth and enable parties to realise their goals are the keys to success in life and in business. As a company, we’ve worked hard to develop these and they’ve been integral to our success and development as a business”, explained Mercer.

Mercer leaves behind a strong legacy, a legacy that sees Daiwa Australia occupy a leading position in the fishing tackle industry, and an ever-strengthening reputation for innovation, evolution and quality.

Daiwa Australia’s Managing Director position has been appointed to Head of Sales & Commercial, Greg Seeto. An impassioned advocate of the Daiwa brand, Seeto is excited about the future and what it has to offer for Daiwa Australia and its customers.

“Bob’s achievements have been significant and many. Daiwa Australia has a bright future ahead thanks to Bob and I’m excited to step into the role and help the company continue to prosper”, concluded Seeto.