2023 marks a milestone for the Globeride and Daiwa family, with Daiwa Australia celebrating its 50th year in the Australian fishing tackle industry. With its genesis deeply rooted in Japanese culture, Daiwa has a rich global history garnered over decades and a focused commitment to design and innovation. Daiwa Australia’s Managing Director Greg Seeto explains.

“Breaking new ground in product design, striving for innovation, and driving the industry forward is as important to us now as when Daiwa Australia started in 1973. It’s at the core of who we are as a company, a brand and what inspires us for the future”.

The 50-year journey has seen a remarkable evolution in fishing with angling styles, tackle and techniques all experiencing the face of change.

“The changes have been enormous. When Daiwa Australia began, very few people were fishing with lures, bait fishing dominated, stocked impoundment fisheries were largely non-existent, and fishing as a sport was still in its infancy. Fast forward 50 years and the recreational fishing landscape is a very different place”, explains Greg. “Despite these changes, our vision remains unchanged; to INSPIRE people to have “WOW” moments in fishing, INFLUENCE them, no matter their age, gender or stage of their fishing journey, and as a result, play our part to GROW fishing, for future generations to enjoy for years to come.”

Evolution in tackle design has been a driving force for this change, with Daiwa designers and engineers leading the charge. The original Daiwa open-face reel in 1965 has been followed over the decades by other ground-breaking designs and technologies, such as Daiwa’s graphite body and rotor (1979), Real Four (2004), Zaion (2007), MagSeal (2010), AGS Guides (2014), Monocoque Body (2018) and Airdrive Design (2022).

Each technology heralded a new dawn in design, with reels such as Certate, Saltiga, Exist, and Steez becoming iconic examples of performance-leading design.

One release perhaps best celebrates Daiwa Australia’s 50 years and best epitomises Daiwa’s focus for the future.

“Our D-VEC logo was released in 2009 and represented three key objectives. Challenge, Originality, and Innovation. Three elements with one key focus, to share the love and happiness of fishing around the world. The D-VEC logo represents our spirit for a bright future.”, adds Greg.

Daiwa Australia’s retail partners have been instrumental in the brand’s and company’s development and success during its 50-year journey. Greg Seeto explains.

“Reaching 50 years in the Australian tackle industry is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Daiwa family, past and present, and the invaluable support of our retail partners. They’ve embraced our products and elevated the Daiwa brand while demonstrating resilience as they navigate the shifting tides of a competitive retail landscape. We are incredibly grateful and humbled by their support and belief in who we are, our products, and our focus on the future of fishing in Australia.”

Buoyed by the positivity of its partners, customers and stakeholders, Daiwa is empowered and energised for the next 50 years of creating more ‘WOW’ moments for Australian anglers.