Dometic’s New Portable Fridge/Freezer – CFX3 Series

Dometic is launching the new generation of its popular portable fridge/freezer: the CFX series.
Combined with its capability of consistently maintaining refrigerated or freezing temperature, the CFX3 allows outdoor adventurers to go even further and stay longer. Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and more being easily accessible in the CFX3 will ensure users are well-fed and healthy while living mobile.

The CFX3 achieves impressive energy efficiency.

The CFX3 has many innovative designs for a better user experience, including an enhanced user interface, easy to open latches, heavy-duty yet lightweight construction, improved LED lights, and solid anchors to secure the unit in vehicles.

At the same time, the CFX3 still retains the ruggedness that outdoor adventurers require while on their journeys.


CFX3 App for Smarter Monitoring and Control
The CFX3 series now equipped with Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi remote control functionality for increased usability and lower power consumption.

The CFX3 now has a more powerful USB charger output to power important devices faster. In addition, the new control panel is certified as weatherproof.

World-First Built-in Ice Maker

The Dometic CFX3 55IM model has a unique function that is the first of its kind in the market. The single-zone fridge/freezer has a dedicated section for an ice maker inside with ice-trays that can create ice while running the main compartment as a fridge.

Image: Courtesy of Dometic. Featuring Dometic’s New Portable Fridge/Freezer – CFX3 Series

New Dometic Cool-Ice Icebox for Anglers

Dometic Cool-Ice iceboxes, such as the Dometic Cool-Ice CI 92L, are perfect for any occasion where there is no power readily available. This icebox has a 92-litre capacity and is designed longer and narrower than the existing Dometic Cool-Ice range so it can fit in longer fish whilst not taking up valuable deck space on the boat. It will keep your ice frozen for several days, depending on model usage and conditions.

These robust iceboxes are ideal for continuous exposure to weather, especially on boats. The thick, refrigeration grade foam insulation and ‘Labyrinth Seal Design’ feature contribute to longer-lasting ice.

Its rotomoulded design means there are no seams where heat can get in or cold can escape! Cool-Ice iceboxes are also extremely strong, durable and easy to clean.

The CI 92L icebox comes with strong ergonomic handles that double as useful tie-down points to secure the icebox.

Image courtesy of Dometic – New Portable, Durable Insulated Cooler Bag ideal for Rec Fishers

Dometic Releases Portable, Durable Insulated Cooler Bag

Dometic introduces the CIB 26 Insulated Cooler Bag for every outdoor enthusiast in Australia. It’s portable, durable, affordable and incredibly lightweight. It can store up to 45 cans and still be carried around with its very own heavy-duty shoulder strap.

The CIB 26 has expanded polyethylene (EPE) insulated foam walls, lid and base. This allows the unit to keep ice for up to 29 hours*, even in warm ambient temperatures.

In addition, the built-in bottle opener that hangs from the carry strap means that the next drink is never far away.

The Dometic CIB 26 is available for sale  with a recommended retail price of $249.00.  

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