DPI & Fishos Join Forces In ‘Clean Up Your Fishing Spot’ Initiative!

Fishing-related litter left behind by a minority of irresponsible anglers can be a really bad look for the recreational fishing sector.

So let’s do something about it!

DPI’s Fishcare program is developing a new initiative to undertake “clean up events” at key fishing spots.

A vital aspect of this initiative is the involvement of grassroots fishos in helping solve the problems associated with fishing-related litter.

The “Fish For Life – Clean Up Your Fishing Spot” initiative will build on the great work already undertaken by groups such as Dubbo’s Inland Waterways Ozfish and the Australian Land Based Anglers Association in conducting clean-up operations around inland rivers and dams and on popular LBG ledges and will hopefully help inspire more fishos to “do the right thing”.

And, of course, the annual Clean Up Australia Day event is already well established as a great way for us all to do out bit to reduce litter and promote responsible behaviour. As part of this year’s Clean Up Australia Day – which is on this Sunday, 7 March – we’re running clean-up events with our teams of dedicated Fishcare Volunteers at Stockton Beach and at Lake Keepit.

Check out https://bit.ly/30d4lp0 for details about Clean Up Australia Day, including ways you can support and get involved with this fantastic community event.

Longer term, our “Fish For Life – Clean Up Your Fishing Spot” initiative aims to build on the success of Clean Up Australia Day by involving grassroots fishers in organising regular clean ups of key fishing locations around the State.

We’ll be working very closely with the Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA) as we develop this initiative and will be kicking things off next week at Lake Illawarra with support from the team at the Compleat Angler store at Windang plus a crew of Fishcare Vols and local anglers. This event will be followed up by a Sydney-based angler clean-up day.

Stay tuned for more info on how these events go and our plans to expand this initiative to other areas.

If you’d like to register your interest in getting involved in a “Fish For Life – Clean Up Your Fishing Spot” event in your local area, please send an email to fisheries.info@dpi.nsw.gov.au and we’ll get in touch!