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Please note when clicking the above button to log in, your username is your email address, your password will be supplied initially by AFTA and then can be changed to whatever you choose on your first log in. You must be a financial member of AFTA to log in to The Ambassador Card.

Please visit the Member Resources page to fill in the details for your cards if you have not done so.

If you need further assistance please contact Heatha

AFTA has partnered with The Ambassador Card to offer all of our Members big dollar savings during the 2022 calendar year. BONUS month if you renew or join in December 2021. There are over 3500+ offers across many categories including fuel, food, wine, accommodation, auto and e-gift cards.

All members receive a minimum of one Ambassador Card per company membership. When you log in to pay your membership, your level will show the number of cards you receive. Should you wish to buy additional memberships for your staff you may do this at the AFTA Member Rate. 

When paying your membership you will need to fill in the details of the person receiving the card/s. The free of charge cards will show automatically but the detail form for the paid cards will not appear until after your payment has been made. 

Things to note; the card is digital, each card is valid with a unique email address and password. At any time throughout the year, you can log in and take advantage of any of the everyday benefits on offer. For example, if you shop at Woolworths regularly, buy a $500 e-gift card and pay only $480, it stays on your phone and you scan it at the checkout until you’ve used the entire balance.


I have found the Ambassador Card to be a great benefit.  It’s very easy to go through the AFTA portal and browse the Ambassador Card offers, and even easier to purchase a gift card, sometimes saving up to 10%.  It’s basically money for nothing because you are going to spend it anyway.  You notice the savings immediately when you have a large project, but even gift cards for major retailers, although appearing small at first, add up quickly. Very happy to keep the savings!

Ben Scales

AFTA Board Member, Jarvis Walker

If you have any queries on The Ambassador Card rewards program please contact Heatha by email or phone 0417 685 266.