Murray cod have risen to star-status as one of Australia’s most iconic sportfish. The rapid increase in recreational angling targeting this species has led to many stocking programs introducing Murray cod to many waterways outside its natural range.

Since 2019, alongside SA Water’s plan to open South Australian reservoirs to recreational fishing, Murray cod have been stocked in all reservoirs open to recreational angling. This makes them the most accessible native freshwater sportfish in SA and represent a crucial species for tourism and recreation.

RecFish SA, with the support of SA Water, AusOcean and Pembroke school, have developed the “Murray Cod Monitoring Program” which aims to monitor the breeding behaviours of Murray cod through the deployment of camera-monitored nesting boxes in Happy Valley and Myponga reservoir.




To better understand the reproductive biology of reservoir-stocked Murray cod and record their spawning behaviour for the first time in an inland stocked reservoir.


To increase public engagement and education of Australia’s most iconic freshwater fish, encourage stewardship among the public, and promote a strong respectful culture for natural resources.


To grow South Australia’s reservoirs into a nation leader for Murray cod knowledge, recreational opportunities, and to boost tourism in the region.  

To learn more about the Cod Pod, the Rig and the progress at Happy Valley and Myponga sites, click here to visit the RecFish SA website.