DPI Fisheries undertakes a statewide recreational fishing survey every two years, to gather essential information for carrying out assessments of our fish stocks and developing harvest strategies for key, popular species.

The next survey for the 2021-22 period is underway and involves telephone-diary surveys of recreational fishers across NSW. It will run till the end of November 2022.

The first phase involves trained interviewers making contact with randomly-selected current 1 and 3 year NSW recreational fishing licence holders. Fishers are asked to complete a short questionnaire to determine whether they have been fishing recently and whether they intend to fish during 2021-22. Fishers will then be invited to participate in a 12 month Diary Survey.

So whether you fish a little or a lot, please help out if you are contacted to participate in the survey. The survey is conducted on a completely voluntary and confidential basis and is supported with funds from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust.

For more info on the survey, see the DPI website.