As part of the Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy: 2017–2027, we are working to improve our monitoring and research. Economic indicators can help assess the contribution of recreational fishing and compare it to different sectors, including commercial, charter and traditional fishing. Data from the 2019–20 statewide recreational fishing survey and the boat ramp survey program was used to estimate the economic contribution of recreational fishing to the state’s economy.

Data collection

Fisheries Queensland engaged BDO EconSearch to develop and estimate economic indicators by using data and expenditure analysis from our 2019–20 statewide recreational fishing survey.

The objectives were to:

  • provide estimates of the economic contribution recreational fishing made to Queensland during the 12-month survey period
  • provide estimates of the annual value placed on recreational fishing by Queensland recreational fishers in major fishing regions
  • provide an estimate of the impact COVID-19 had on the economic indicators during the 12 months of available data (please note COVID-19 affected the last 2 months of the survey period)
  • produce economic indicators for the recreational fishing sector that can be compared to other sectors (e.g. commercial, charter).


Read the report from BDO EconSearch:

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