Recreational Fishing Alliance

The RFA is the peak recreational fishing body in NSW. It is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation supported by recreational fishing clubs, associations and individual anglers.

The RFA’s aims are:
• To represent the interests of the recreational anglers of NSW and to gain equitable representation in the management of the State’s recreational fisheries.
• To promote sustainable fishing practices throughout NSW.
• To encourage the participation of children in recreational fishing.
• To pursue and secure the rights of recreational anglers to fishing access in NSW waters.
• To encourage recreational anglers to become involved in the well-being of the fishery.
• To promote consultation and communication between government bodies and anglers.
• To promote fishing safety.

We asked NSW politicians what they will do for recreational fishers
Late in 2018, the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW put a call out for the recreational fishers of NSW to share with us their views on how we can guarantee the future of fishing and of the fish in NSW. Using that input, the RFA then launched an 8-point plan called the 8 R’s in the lead up to the NSW election on 23 March 2019. The plan was organised around 8 key platforms: Recognise, Review, Revitalise, Reform, Retain, Rehabilitate, Research and Resilience. The plan puts fish first and foremost, and outlines how recreational anglers intend to save and preserve the environment we fish in, retain and maintain fishing access, limit the threats to recreational and commercial fishing and guarantee the future of fishing in NSW.

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