Recreational fishing is a core part of the Territory lifestyle. People come from all over Australia and the world just to fish in our waters. The fishing is so good in the Territory that people move up here just to enjoy it. Our recreational fisheries are so important that they warrant protection. A CLP Government will recognise this through our Recreational Fishing Plan.

Our Plan will comprise of the following measures to safeguard recreational fishing in the Northern Territory:

  • Keeping the system of Management Advisory Committees (MACs) and the Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee (RFAC) in place
  • Reviewing the Reef Fish Protection Areas
  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of land-based fishing access, identifying future areas for access
  • Explore the possibility of expanding the artificial reef and Fish Aggregation Device (FAD) program
  • Appointing an expert panel to advise on the future of the ban on commercial mud crabbing in Shoal Bay
  • Conducting Recreational Fishing Surveys every five years to inform policy development
  • Regular maintenance of Dundee Boat Ramp to prevent the build-up of sediment, which compromises access to this popular spot
  • Realignment and upgrade of Point Stuart Road to allow better access to the boat ramp, aiding fishing tourism in the area
  • Continuing barramundi stocking programs, exploring the feasibility of expansion
  • Adjusting AFANT’s funding in line with inflation
  • Implementing all 135 of the Pepper Inquiry recommendations
  • Guaranteeing that recreational fishers will never be “locked-out” of marine parks in the Northern Territory
  • Extending the moratorium on seabed mining in the Northern Territory until the EPA has completed its study and made recommendations into this practice
  • Continuing to support the Million Dollar Fish competition, a CLP initiative
  • Promoting fishing tourism
  • Never introducing boat licencing nor a blood-alcohol limit on boat operators
  • The CLP has always supported recreational fishing in the Territory, whether it be through marine parks, boat ramps, access roads and the Million Dollar Fish competition. The CLP is the party of fishing in the Northern Territory!

Country Liberal Party Policy 2020 – Authorised by N Jones, Country Liberal Party, 2/229 McMillians Rd, Jingili.