Scalefish rules consultation re-opens

Proposed rule changes for the Tasmanian Scalefish Fishery have re-opened for a further period of consultation until 25 September 2023.

This is to meet the legislative requirements of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 and to facilitate additional consultation with local councils.

Some rule changes proposed in the original consultation undertaken from 19 April to 6 June this year have been withdrawn – more information below.

All other proposals remain unchanged. A decision on these proposals will occur after the second consultation period and will take into consideration all submissions received since 19 April.

If you participated in the earlier consultation, you do not need to resubmit your previous submission. Earlier submissions will be carried forward and considered as part of this round of consultation.

Proposed changes that have been withdrawn

To provide certainty to fishers, the Minister has determined that the following changes will not proceed:

  • Calamari – the introduction of two new limited commercial calamari licence types, the reduction in recreational bag and possession limits and the introduction of boat limits.
  • Spearfishing – banning the spearing of banded morwong, sand flathead, bastard trumpeter, and striped trumpeter.
  • Charter fishing – the introduction of rules relating to charter operators, to enable further consultation.
  • Depleted and depleting species – the proposed rule allowing the introduction or amendment of catch limits and/or size limits that apply to any part of a fishery by published notice.

We thank those that were involved in the Scalefish Rules Review.

More information about the re-opened consultation process is available on our website.