2021 marks the 20th anniversary for retailer group, Spot On Fishing & Outdoors. The group is owned collectively by its Independent Tackle & Outdoor Retailer Membership. John Filmer, General Manager recalls, “I remember attending the tackle show back in 2001 for the first time as a group. While some suppliers welcomed us, others commented openly that we would probably only last a few months.” 20 years later, Spot On Fishing & Outdoors are still around, providing support to most of the original store owners who helped form the group back in 2001.

If you ask any store owner about the group, they will all agree that the secret is to maintain store independence while combining the necessary functions to enhance their wellbeing. Spot On Fishing & Outdoors doesn’t see itself as a buying group. The group philosophy is that ‘anyone can buy’, ‘anyone can negotiate on a purchase’ but the emphasis on marketing, customer service and store presentation is paramount for long term success at store level.

When the group commenced, it specialised only in Fishing Tackle, quickly expanding into Boating Accessories, Outdoors and now so many other items form part of what customers expect as various categories merged.

To present the best products for customers, priority is given to Brand Name suppliers with a long-term reputation and also product R & D. To remain competitive in the market, some items are indented from overseas but only via mainstream suppliers.

Spot On ‘Xtreme’ was launched in 2010 and 11 years on has become synonymous with good quality products at competitive prices. Every Spot On ‘Xtreme’ item is procured via a mainstream supplier to a standard and only once approved by stores.

2021 and beyond offers so much opportunity to develop further marketing channels in support of our traditional media such as Catalogues, Magazines, regional Television and of course Electronic Media like our Website, Facebook, Instagram plus other social networks.

As the market develops globally, there will be more emphasis on meeting electronic and distribution demands while ensuring our bricks and mortar outlets continue to grow and offer customers excellent ‘hands on’ personalised service and advice.

No matter how you look at it, the future is ‘Spot On’

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