Earlier this year Spot On Fishing Tackle and Outdoors held a conference celebrating its twenty-third year. The theme was ‘artificial intelligence’ and how it can be used to enhance group marketing in the future. This theme was determined after reviewing the ever-increasing costs of printing and distributing traditional printed media not to mention the new ways required to interact with customers.

As a result of the discussion at the conference, it was agreed that Spot On Fishing Tackle and Outdoors should not only prepare for but to take steps in changing its marketing direction. A lot of work and preparation has taken place to maximise the group’s market presence into 2024 and beyond.

To assist the Group, we are pleased to announce that as of 1 July 2023, Spot On Fishing Tackle Pty Ltd has employed the services of Jon and Michelle Longden who, through their consultancy business ‘Allied Retail’, will continue to take Spot On Fishing and Outdoor forward with this new strategy. They will be partnering with Impressive Advertising to deploy new marketing strategies, leaning on the wealth of experience of Trevor Worley and Sam Davy.

Jon and Michelle’s experience encompasses the last two decades in retail and wholesale environments, whether in sales or buying functions with Australian publicly listed companies and global brands. Sam Davy, who has prepared our catalogues for over 10 years, and the Impressive Advertising Team will extend their vast resources, knowledge and innovation to execute our marketing strategy, as they have done for countless businesses of varying sizes across many industries.

Our ultimate goal is for Spot On Fishing Tackle and Outdoors membership to grow both from existing Stores and also delivering value for new members. Our marketing opportunities will be fully adaptable from group level right through to individual stores, to allow for local eccentricities and regional requirements.

Jon, Michelle and Sam will attend this year’s Tackle Show alongside Spot On Fishing Tackle and Outdoors Retailers. The company has worked tirelessly towards this transition, and we hope you will be aware in short order regarding the value of this brand.

While acknowledging the way forward, it is important to acknowledge and announce the retirement of John Filmer, who has successfully managed the group since its inception. John has been a stalwart of the industry and retired effective 30 June 2023, while also being available in a consulting capacity. John has been an integral part of preparing the company for its new beginning, working with Jon, Michelle and Sam to ensure a seamless transition. He is looking forward to spending more time with the family and has already gained the role of ‘Uber Poppa’ with school pick-ups and drop-offs. Please join us in wishing John well for the future.

We are excited to engage with anyone interested in partnering with our business, whether prospective Retailers, current valued Suppliers or new Suppliers. Please reach out to Michelle on 0431 890 137 or Jon on 0498 272 364, or by email at admin@spotonfishing.com.au for any further information.