Daiwa Fishing Line Recycling Project

With the launch of a new Daiwa Fishing Line Recycle Bin Project, Daiwa Australia continues to strengthen its commitment to its five key corporate promises, in particular, its focus to ‘Be Innovative’ and ‘Be Earth Friendly’.

“Limiting our environmental footprint is a key focus for Daiwa, and we believe being innovative extends beyond the products we create,  and must encapsulate how we conduct ourselves as a company and the role we play within the industry,” explains Daiwa Australia Managing Director Greg Seeto.

While programs to collect discarded fishing lines aren’t new, recycling the line is a step forward. Daiwa’s Lure and Line Product Planner Taka Kawasaki explains, “We wanted to evolve the concept of collecting unwanted fishing line and create a program that maximises it’s environmental and resource outcomes and doesn’t just see the line end up in landfill”.

The initial pilot project will begin in November 2022 and will run for six months and feature dedicated Daiwa Fishing Line Recycling Project Bins located in participating Daiwa dealers.

Daiwa’s Taka Kawasaki explains, “The bins will be located in-store behind the counter, near the fishing line display, or even by the spooling machine. All the customer needs to do is bring their line in, place it in the bin, and at the end of the project the bin and its contents are then shipped off to the recycler”.

Designed to be an easy and efficient call-to-action, the project bins accept all types and brands of fishing line, including mono, fluoro, braid, and gel spun lines, and accepts line of all condition, whether it’s freshly stripped off a reel or collected while out fishing.

“We’d like anglers to think about recycling fishing line in the same way they think about recycling their drink bottles and cans. Then it just becomes a part of what they do and how they behave as an angler”, adds Taka.

Following the pilot project, Daiwa plans to roll out the program nationally to all Daiwa retailers. With endless metres of fishing lines used and discarded every year, the project’s goal is to help deliver change for the future right now! To find out more about the Daiwa Fishing Line Recycling Project contact Daiwa Australia.

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