The Tasmanian election will be held on the 1st May 2021, the following letter was sent on the 30th March to:

The Hon Guy Barnett MLA, Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Email:

Dr Shane Broad MP, Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Water, Email:

Lorraine Bennett, Shooters Fishers Farmers Party Tasmania, Email:

As Chair of Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA), I write requesting your recreational fishing policy to present to our members throughout Tasmania ahead of the election on 1 May.

AFTA represents the fishing tackle industry at the wholesale, import, manufacturing, media and retail levels with members throughout Tasmania and through the process of conducting business, contact with all recreational fishers.

AFTA is a non-partisan association, accordingly we invite you to provide your policy for distribution to our members, upon receipt of your policy, AFTA will publish that plan on its website as presented.

It is our members who will individually decide which party has the best interest of recreational fishers at heart.  This is your opportunity to present your policy directly.

The Hon. Bob Baldwin
Chair – Australian Fishing Trade Association