From my end, the idea originated as a close friend, Tom Windsor (captain of the Mobart Mobros Movember fundraising team), lost his father to suicide and I wanted to contribute to his fundraising efforts in a meaningful way.

I decided on a fishing lure, as I feel fishing is good for mental health and almost a form of mindfulness. So we encourage people not only to buy the lure and make the donation but to get out and use it.

We have run this for 3 years now and raised over $30k. This money has helped the Mobart Mobros be the highest fundraising team for the last 6 years and highest fundraisers ever in Australia. Tipping them over $1m with our donation of this year. Sam Shelley

We spoke with Tassie Devil lure manager Justin Causby, who believes that the product, has a fantastic platform to raise Men’s Health issues in our social circles. The message we convey each year in the promotional video is brilliant. I personally find it the most rewarding aspect of our year. Promoting Men’s Health issues such as depression and prostate cancer. Suicide prevention is the focal message point of the videos and is the driving force behind the original concept with people close to the cause, losing friends and family in this way. Personally, and sadly, it has taken more than one of my own friends many years ago in a time where these issues were rarely mentioned, let alone discussed. This highlights the importance of promoting our Men’s Health message. Look out for your mates and have those discussions.

Fishing is a release for many of our anglers, a chance to get outdoors with friends and family. Putting the daily pressures of life behind us for a few hours or days and having those chats with mates that you might not have in your day to day life.

The idea has been embraced by the fishing community and is highly anticipated and growing each year.

All members of the Tassie Devil team are extremely proud to be involved and look forward to our fourth instalment, MOJO21 in November 2021.

Attention all AFTA Members,

if your company is involved in a great charity initiative like this one, whether it’s before or after the fact, please let us know so we can share your story.

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