The UAP is committed to ensuring all Australian’s have the opportunity to participate in Recreational Fishing now and into the future.

It is extremely important fishing can exist for many years to come and fish numbers can increase allowing generations of recreational fishing to continue.

UAP will work with all states to ensure commercial fishing continues to support business people whose livelihoods depend on the ocean, whilst maintaining sufficient stocks to allow ongoing enjoyable and sustainable recreational fishing.


We will support tough laws against international fishing operations entering our waters enabling criminal charges and immediate confiscation of their boats and stock with sale of assets to support commercial fishing licences.

UAP will vigorously defend any new proposed marine park zones without a clear swap out for another zone that is now fish replenished. We support the current Commonwealth Marine Park plan in existence.

We will reward responsible recreational fisherman.

UAP will increase commonwealth funding to the states to support recreational fishing by,

1)  Waiving Recreational Fishing Fees Applicable

2)  Educating children on fishing stocks and habitats in the school systems to promote sustainable fishing areas

3)  Recommend and support recreational fishing areas be regularly substituted which will allow replenishment of fish stocks in locations and ongoing viability

4)  Support stocking of fish species in areas required

5)  Increasingrecreationalfishingzones

6)  Maintain bag limits set in place

It is a strong belief of UAP, that all Australians should have the opportunity to participate in recreational fishing, which will contribute to strong mental health, family interaction and values now and into the future.

UAP will undertake our own review into the Murray-Darling Basin River System and provide full support to all businesses and tourism operators directly affected by this catastrophe.

We will abolish the current Murray-Darling Basin Plan. We will review the findings from the Murray-Basin Royal Commission to ascertain the correct course of action to get the Murray-Darling back to a vibrant river system.

The UAP will ensure recreational fishers retain the right to catch the Southern Blue Fin Tuna however will be in support of bag limits.

UAP supports a National Recreational Fishing Survey in recommendation from the Fisheries Research Development Corporation (FRDC). UAP will support the FRDC with funding to continue their work within the recreational and commercial fishing sectors.

The UAP will provide support for recreational fishing incorporated entities and not for profit organisations to apply for Community Grants to improve their infrastructure needs. The UAP will provide this service to all Not for Profit entities.