The Victorian State election will be held on November 26, 2022. Early voting options are available now.

AFTA has requested policy information from the parties in the election, below is what we have received to date, anything further will be added here as it is received. 


The Liberals and Nationals are strong supporters of recreational fishers and of helping to create sustainable and plentiful stocks and environments.

The Victorian Government should have done much more to improve the quality and management of our fishing infrastructure, support the restoration of our precious habitats and work more closely with all relevant stakeholders.

A Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will:

  1. Ensure 100% of marine, boating and fishing licence and registration fees are hypothecated to improve facilities (boat ramps, car trailer unit parking, etc) and maintain fishing stocks and river ecology.
  2. Initiate discussions with relevant Councils and other recreational boating facility managers to transfer the management of Western Port Bay and Port Phillip Bay boat ramps and associated land and parking to Better Boating Victoria. 
  3. Introduce a new $5 million Regional Councils Boat Ramp Fund to provide matched grants OF UP TO $50,000 to regional Councils for local boat ramp maintenance.
  4. Deliver $1 million in new research funding to ensure that fish restocking programs are followed up and assessed within 12 months to determine their effectiveness and value for money.
  5. Establish a $30 million Fish and Platypus Habitat Restoration Fund to invest in marine, estuarine and freshwater habitat restoration throughout Victoria. This will ensure our fisheries are as healthy as possible, now and into the future with a dedicated fund that looks at improving river, estuary and marine health.


AFTA thanks all of you for being a part of the democratic process and helping to deliver a better platform for recreational fishers across Australia.  As you go to the poll, please make your own mind up on what you expect of a government in support of your passion, fishing, and vote as you see fit.

Tight Lines …..