The proposed South Coast Marine Parks were announced by Minister for Environment Reece Whitby on 16 February and are now open for public comment period.

Many of the proposed ‘no fishing’ sanctuary zones are completely illogical and unjustifiable, demonstrating a failure to listen to local views.
Proposing no-fishing zones in front of caravan parks, boat ramps, and along several popular beaches demonstrates that marine park planners in Perth are out of touch with the south coast community. The proposed area will stretch 1000km from Bremer Bay all the way to the South Australian border.

It is critical that all fishers who have an interest in this stretch of coastline submit a strong, constructive submission to DBCA.

To have the best chance of keeping fishing access to the places that are so important to us, it is critical that as many of us Industry members, customers, and Recreational Anglers have our say to the Government on the proposed marine parks and make a strong and constructive submission to DBCA.

This means making a “submission” to DBCA explaining:
– Your personal connection to the south coast, e.g. “I live in Esperance”, or “I stay at the Orleans Bay Caravan Park and fish there every year”, or even “I am a keen angler and want to make a trip to the south coast and fish in the area where the marine parks have been proposed.”;
– Why the whole area and/or specific areas are important to you and your fishing;
– Which no-fishing zones do you disagree with and why;
– Ask for 200m setbacks from the high tide mark to ensure beach and land-based options remain open to all.
– How you would like to see the no-fishing zones you disagree with be changed