Australian Fishing Trade Association

Protecting Fishing’s Future and Promoting our Industry

We work with the industry, for the industry, and for the future of recreational fishing for all Australians.

We represent our members.

Our members are wholesalers, retailers, and media who earn a living from the recreational fishing industry. After investing a large amount of time and resources working with State and Federal Governments, AFTA is now recognised as a major stakeholder and strong voice when it comes to recreational fishing issues and policies, but each and every member we have makes OUR VOICE LOUDER.

AFTA strongly advocates for policies that increase participation in the recreational fishing industry. Being a member of AFTA, the peak body, representing Australia’s recreational fishing industry, helps to ensure that your industry and therefore your business and future generations have a future.

AFTA fights for your industry, which means fighting for your livelihood, but we can’t do it alone, so renew now or join us today. The membership fee is relative to the size of your business. Costs start at $100 per annum for a retailer and $200 per annum for a wholesaler. In addition, there is now a 3 Year Retailer membership available.

      Membership is a small cost to ensure your industry has a strong voice and to ensure YOU keep making money from the industry you love.

      AFTA Board

      We offer the following benefits to our members, and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance these benefits.


      • Wholesale Members receive discounted rates to the AFTA tackle show
      • Free entry for Retail and Media Members to annual AFTA tackle show 
      • Member networking opportunities
      • Access to ABS Industry Statistics, purchased by AFTA
      • Access to AFTA’s new mobile Kiosk Survey Information
      • Political Liaison and Advocacy
      • Access to cheaper insurance, through partners, Network Insurance Group
      • Listing in AFTA’s fully searchable online members Directory 
      • Access to the Members Resources Page on the AFTA website, showing board meeting minutes, financials,
      • Access to the new Lets Fish Australia campaign resources 
      • Advertisement of positions vacant on AFTA website & Facebook page
      • Window Sticker 
      • Membership Certificate

      AFTA is looking beyond the political world now and with initiatives like Lets Fish helping grow our industry to a new generation.

      Michael Starkey


      Some of AFTA’s Achievements in 2020 – The year COVID-19 changed the world

      • Ministers Advisory Council SA, seat on the committee
      • Resources invested in securing positive outcomes in State elections
      • Created the Australian Fishing Industry Disaster Appeal and raised over $125,000 to assist the local committees in generating fishing-based tourism in the bushfire affected areas
      • COVID crisis talks and reversal of lockdowns in NSW, promoting the mental health benefits of fishing to all
      • “Lets Fish Australia”, the new social media/television 15 second video clip campaign for member distribution to help promote fishing with family and friends as a strong way forward after COVID lockdowns
      • Grant received to produce Lets Fish SA, will be distributed by the SA government
      • Grant received to produce and distribute Lets Fish QLD
      • Grant received to work with IYMP (Indigenous Youth Mobility Program) in QLD in an exchange of modern and traditional fishing techniques.
      • “Lets Go Fishing” – the NSW Schools Project Phase 3 was completed and expanded to include 69 active schools teaching fishing as a part of their curriculum. AFTA supplied both fishing tackle and a six-part introductory video series written and produced by Steve Starling
      • Partnership agreement with Network Insurance Group to provide insurance at reduced rates to members

      AFTA is about protecting our industry. The AFTA Board is committed to helping the recreational fishing industry thrive.

      Colin Tannahill

      Past President