Fisheries Queensland

After a two-year break, Fisheries Queensland returned to AFTA sharing the Fisheries Hub with Victorian Fisheries Authority and New South Wales Fisheries. The inaugural Women in Recreational Fishing Network Queensland (WIRFN Qld) leadership program was also held at AFTA, with ten selected WIRFN Qld leaders travelling from various regions across the state. The WIRFN Qld leaders had a very busy three-day schedule during their leadership program with back-to-back guest speakers, workshops, and networking events. Shout out to WIRF Vic for their support and ideas along the way!

A big thank you to AFTA and everyone that participated in the program as a guest speaker and the industry representatives that networked with us!  The future of women in recreational fishing is looking brighter with this amazing and motivated group of leaders. We can’t wait to see how far the program goes over the next year, so keeps your eyes peeled for any upcoming initiatives!”

For more information, please visit the Women in Recreational Fishing Network Qld.

Victorian Fisheries Authority

A couple of weeks ago, 16 WIRF Leaders from Victoria attended the annual WIRF Leadership Program, which coincides with the AFTA Trade Show.
The program offers Leaders a chance to meet and connect with the industry through a jam-packed itinerary of presentations from guest speakers, workshops discussing the WIRF strategy, the way forward and valuable networking opportunities with movers and shakers in the industry.

The program is a great opportunity for leaders to ask questions, pick the brains of people in the industry, and the opportunity to influence and change the role of women in the industry. The WIRF Leaders also got the chance to meet with Queensland’s new WIRF Leadership group- the first for them! We are looking forward to working closely with the Queensland WIRF group in the future.

Thank you to AFTA for your continued support in encouraging, inspiring and empowering women to continue the conversation to influence change in the industry.

For more information, please visit; Women in Recreational Fishing Network