Labor knows going fishing is a way of life for many Tasmanians, their families and friends.

Labor will always stand up for the right of Tasmanians to enjoy catching a fish or two.

Fishing is also a large part of the Tasmanian economy and community and Labor will continue to actively support recreational fishing and ensure access to our iconic Tasmanian coastal waters and estuaries.

No fishing tax – Labor will not introduce new fees, licences, levies or taxes on recreational fishers and fight the Liberals’ plans to introduce a boat fishing levy (tax).

Building better facilities – Labor will invest $2 million in better boat ramps and associated facilities.

This includes toilet facilities at more remote boat ramps across the state, upgrades to boat ramps and the installation of fish cleaning facilities where required.

Buying back commercial net fishing licences – Labor will create a $1.5m fund to buy back commercial net fishing licences.

The aim is to increase fish stocks for recreational fishers while allowing commercial net fishers to exit the industry if they wish. The buyback will not be compulsory with fishers opting in with expressions of interest that will be weighted on value for money and relative fish stocks, with a view to reducing the commercial catch in areas frequented by the recreational fishers.

Better rock lobster access for recreational fishers – Labor commits to review rock lobster access on the East Coast for recreational fishers, including the potential for ‘recreational rock lobster only areas’ in consultation with the commercial rock lobster industry.

Further, Labor commits to no further cuts to individual bag, possession limits or season length.

Ensuring there’s enough flathead for future generations – Catching flathead is one of most iconic recreational fishing experiences in Tasmania. We all want our kids, grandkids, and their grandkids, to be able to share in this tradition.

Labor will invest $750,000 in a Recovery Plan for flathead to make sure future generations don’t miss out.

A strong voice for recreational fishers – Labor will provide $1m for four years for TARFish to provide an independent voice for the recreational fishing sector. This will include undertaking an organisational renewal project that facilitates fisher representative elections in 2022-23.

Promoting the value of fishing – Labor will allocate $400,000 over four years to increase promotion of kids and family fishing days, as well as the physical and mental health benefits of fishing.

Fishing for everyone – Labor will invest $100,000 to investigate options for future land based infrastructure improvements to increase salt water fishing participation for fishers without access to a motor boat or with limited mobility.

Further, Labor will support Tasmanians to keep fishing by changing group fishing rules for licensed fisheries to enable older and mobility impaired Tasmanians to continue to participate in fishing.

Listening to fishers – Labor supports the restructure the Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee (RecFAC) to allow more recreational fishers to participate.

Labor also commits to annual statewide meetings being organised with the relevant minister to hear recreational fishers’ views.

Planning for the future – Labor commits to develop and implement a 10-year recreational sea fishing strategy.

Download a copy of Labor’s Plan.