Fresh ideas to support the future of recreational fishing in the Northern Territory are being sought as part of a new Recreational Fishing Development Plan (RFDP).

A comprehensive stakeholder consultation and engagement program is being used to engage widely, forecast what the Territory fishing sector could look like in the future and identify how we can get there.

The current RFDP expires at the end of 2022. It has been focused on ensuring a diverse range of high quality experiences and healthy fish stocks, and maximising the value of recreational fishing to Territorians, tourists and the local economy.

The consultation and engagement process for the new plan is currently underway to:

  • Enable Territorians and stakeholders with an interest in recreational fishing to actively participate.
  • Suit a complex and uncertain planning environment created by factors such as climate change and a changing coastal access arrangements.
  • Inform a new RFDP to guide and enhance the future of the Territory’s recreational fishing sector.

The new plan will outline the directions and strategies for the next 10 years to ensure the Territory maintains and enhances the quality of its fisheries and recreational fishing opportunities.

NT Fisheries is leading the development of the new RFDP in collaboration with the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT).

Development of the new plan is being guided by the Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee (RFAC), which is responsible for providing strategic advice to the Northern Territory’s Minister for Recreational Fishing.

A number of workshops will also be held in June and July to ensure the recreational fishing sector has an opportunity to discuss issues and solutions.

A copy of the current plan and more information about the development of the new plan is available here:

Fishing is a way of life for Territorians, with previous surveys showing around 30,000 NT residents and many visitors take part in this popular pastime, each year.”

Territory residents and fishing tourists spend around $80 million annually in the NT and the Territory Government knows how important recreational fishing is to our economy and way of life.”

“We are seeking feedback now from local businesses, residents and peak bodies to ensure the growth of the industry over the next decade.”

The Hon Paul Kirby

Minister for Agribusiness and Fisheries

“Working with staff at NT Fisheries we will be out and about at boat ramps, tackle stores and jetties to interview people about their motivations for fishing, their best experiences, the challenges they’ve identified, as well as what an ideal fishing future would look like to them.”

“People from all walks of life love fishing and fishing means different things to different people.  We want to capture the complexity behind the reasons people go fishing, hear what they get out of it and how it can be made better.”

“We are asking people to share their stories, so they can be heard and contribute to the planning process.”

“If you would like to help inform a bright fishing future, please stop and have a chat or visit where you can complete the interview online.”

David Ciaravolo