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We work with the industry, for the industry, and for the future of recreational fishing for all Australians.

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Our members are wholesalers, retailers, and media who earn a living from the recreational fishing industry. After investing a large amount of time and resources working with State and Federal Governments, AFTA is now recognised as a major stakeholder and strong voice when it comes to recreational fishing issues and policies, but each and every member we have makes OUR VOICE LOUDER.

AFTA strongly advocates for policies that increase participation in the recreational fishing industry. Being a member of AFTA, the peak body representing Australia’s recreational fishing industry, helps ensure that your industry and, therefore, your business and future generations have a future.

AFTA fights for your industry, which means fighting for your livelihood, but we can’t do it alone, so renew now or join us today. The membership fee is relative to the size of your business. Costs start at $100 per annum for a retailer and $200 per annum for a wholesaler. In addition, there is now a 3 Year Retailer membership available.

Membership is a small cost to ensure your industry has a strong voice and to ensure YOU keep making money from the industry you love.

AFTA Board

Australian wholesale, media and retail company memberships have several levels depending on your turnover in the fishing industry.
(all fees are GST inclusive)
Turnover Wholesale Media Retail
Up to $250K $200 $150 $100
$250 – $500K $370 $278 $185
$500K – $1 million $685 $513 $342
$1 million – $2 million $1,266 $950 $633
$2 million – $4 million $2,343
$4 million and over Please contact us

 Don’t forget AFTA trade show entry is included with your AFTA membership! 

Ready to join, simply, click below to fill in the form, ensuring you answer the five quick questions. You’ll then receive a return email, with a link for you log back in and pay via credit card.

In 2022, AFTA is offering a free Ambassador Card with every membership!


Your AFTA membership goes a long way towards ensuring the future of your industry and the rights of recreational anglers all over Australia are protected for future generations.

The AFTA board invests a large amount of time and resources working with State and Federal Government departments and like-minded organisations to ensure that we are presenting the loudest and most unified voice possible for the Australian recreational fishing industry.

Your membership includes the following benefits;

  • Wholesale Members receive discounted exhibitor rates to the annual AFTA tackle show
  • Free entry for Retail and Media Members to the annual AFTA tackle show
  • Member networking opportunities
  • Additional exposure in the annual AFTR magazine
  • Political Liaison and Advocacy
  • Rewards Program, The Ambassador Card (offering 3,500+ benefits)
  • Shopfitting Partners, Shop for Shops (up to 55% discount)
  • Insurance Partners, Network Insurance Group
  • Listing in AFTA’s fully searchable online members Directory
  • Member Resources Page on the AFTA website
  • ABS Import Data
  • Access to the new Let’s Fish Australia campaign resources
  • Advertisement of positions vacant on the AFTA website and Facebook page
  • Closed Facebook group
  • Window Sticker
  • Membership Certificate

AFTA is committed to a strong future for recreational fishing and the fishing industry, each and every member matters!

Thank you for joining us at AFTA. With your help, we can make a difference and ensure a strong future for recreational fishing in Australia.

AFTA is looking beyond the political world now, and initiatives like Let’s Fish Australia will help promote our industry to a new generation of fishers.

Michael Starkey