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Australia’s fishing trade is a great industry, one we should be proud of and one we should be willing to protect. However, AFTA can only keep protecting and promoting our industry if it is supported by the industry, through support for the tradeshow, through support for other events and through membership.

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Boat ramp woes in Botany Bay

Boat ramp woes in Botany Bay

NSW fishers are growing impatient with the lack of action from the state government including Maritime and Transport NSW with regards to the current situation across many of the state's boat ramps. The Foreshore Road boat is a prime example as it reached its full...

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NSW DPI Primary Industries Performance Data & Insights 2020

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has released its NSW Primary Industries Performance Data & Insights 2020 (PDI) publication, examining the performance of NSW agricultural primary industries gross value output for the 2019-20 Financial Year. In its...

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Response from Queensland Greens

AFTA wrote to all Queensland political parties seeking their responses and commitment on the key issues that affect the recreational fishing sector in Queensland. This is the response from the Queensland Greens. 

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