NSW has some of the best fishing locations, and commercial and recreational fisheries, across the world, and as a result our fishing industries are a critical part of the NSW economy.

The NSW Fisheries Harvest Strategy Policy will provide the commercial, recreational and aboriginal cultural fishing sectors with greater certainty and transparency in fisheries management decisions, through the development of tailored harvest strategies in direct partnership with commercial, recreational and Aboriginal fishers.

The NSW Government is committed to partnering with the recreational and commercial fishing industries, Aboriginal fishers and the wider community to manage the State’s fisheries to provide a more secure and productive operating environment and to work towards better, more adaptive, management approaches for our fisheries in the future.

Because of the diverse and dynamic nature of fisheries management, one size does not fit all and there will always be situations that require a tailored approach and adaptive management.

So, for the first time in NSW, commercial, recreational and Aboriginal fishers will participate in developing the harvest strategies, ensuring long-term sustainability and productivity of the shared fisheries resource

Harvest strategies offer an effective tool to integrate the ecological, social and economic dimensions of fisheries management into a single framework for decision making. Harvest strategies represent a best-practice approach to fisheries management decision making, as demonstrated by their wide use internationally and throughout Australian jurisdictions.

We all have a common goal and that is the sustainability of our fisheries resources and maximising benefits to the sectors that rely on them. I’m confident that working together, we’ll have a system that enables everyone to have access to local, sustainable seafood from our commercial fisheries, while providing quality fishing opportunities for the one million recreational fishers in our State and supporting the tackle and charter sectors and providing for cultural fishing access for Aboriginal communities.

I look forward to stakeholders having their say in the development of the NSW Fisheries Harvest Strategy Policy.

The Hon Adam Marshall MP

Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales


“The recreational fishing industry supports the Government’s plans to work collaboratively with all fishing sectors to design best-practice harvest strategies.

“This approach towards managing more abundant fish stocks is a positive step towards ensuring quality fishing opportunities and experiences for grassroots anglers and their families, which
in turn maintains the significant flow-on benefits for the tackle, charter and regional tourism industries.

“AFTA is very pleased that the NSW Government has recognised the importance of including the recreational fishing industry during the development of these plans. We look forward to playing a constructive role in working with the Government and the other fisheries sectors to maximise the potential of our shared fisheries resources.”

The Hon Bob Baldwin, Chair of the Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA), 

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