Whilst doing some research on mental health and the benefits of RecFishing, I came across this FRDC report from 2011 “Identifying the health and well-being benefits of recreational fishing” by Prof. A. McManus, Dr W. Hunt, J. Storey, J. White.

The main reason Australian anglers go fishing, apart from catching dinner, is to relax and unwind. And while it seems logical that there are health benefits associated with recreational fishing, it seems incredible that we do not fully understand the scale and range of the benefits.……  Participants (in the study) indicated that there were several social, physical, mental health and well-being benefits to be gained from recreational fishing, with a particular emphasis on relaxation and stress release. When asked what health and well-being benefits families can gain from recreational fishing there was a significant focus on familial bonding.

Great reading: FRDC Report 2011