The date for this year’s highly anticipated Gone Fishing Day is Sunday 10th October 2021, coinciding with World Mental Health Day.

The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation’s Executive Officer Adam Martin announced the date for the biggest event on Australia’s fishing calendar and said expectations could not be higher, following its stunning online success last year.

In 2020, the national event reached 450,000 people on social media and over 1000 locations around Australia participated.

“Gone Fishing Day may be our nation’s largest event and a celebration of our sport on a massive scale, but it also gives us an opportunity to showcase the many benefits recreational fishing brings.

“Which is why this year we will shine a light on how recreational fishing can improve mental health, a message that is relevant to all Australians, not just those who fish and we look forward to making further announcements as we get closer to the date,” he said.

Recreational fishing emerged as one of the most participated activities during the Covid-19 pandemic when social, outdoor, and sporting activities were restricted, resulting in more Australians picking up a fishing rod for the first time.

Mr Martin said there has never been a better time to promote fishing to improve a person’s mental health and wellbeing by connecting with the natural environment.

“It is widely understood that fishing can improve a person’s mindset and self-esteem, but it also helps you focus on the simple act of wetting a line.”

Australians are being encouraged to participate on Sunday 10th October and to download the Gone Fishing Day App where participants can upload photos of their catch and location.

Fishing is central to the Australian way of life with an estimated 3.5 million participants annually wetting a line from the shore or boat or donning a wetsuit in pursuit of diverse fishing experiences. For some it is a sport or a leisure activity, for others it is a social activity spent with family and friends. Whether you are young or old, recreational fishing is a lifelong activity that everyone can enjoy while connecting with Australia’s unique marine and aquatic environments.

For further information visit the Gone Fishing Day website and follow Gone Fishing Day on Facebook and Instagram. The Gone Fishing Day app is available for download from Apple and Google Play and updates will be provided as the date draws near.


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