NSW Labor Recreational Fishing Policy

  1. NSW Labor will consult and review the best funding and governance models to establish a statutory Recreational Fishing industry body – RecFishNSW. NSW Labor will legislate the establishment of this body. This will ensure that representation is fair, expert-based, independent and in part elected by recreational fishing licensees. 
  2. We will conduct an audit of the Recreational Fishing Trust and act on any recommendations presented by the audit.
  3. We will engage with all stakeholders to actively increase participation rates of women and people with a disability. This will include an audit of public fishing infrastructure and amenities to make fishing more accessible and welcoming for women and people with disabilities. We will also evaluate the Queensland and Victorian programs to determine a suitable participation strategy for NSW.
  4. NSW Labor will review the Trout Cod program and develop a long-term plan to save the native fish.
  5. Labor also commits to implementing all recommendations of the Legislative Council Inquiry into the Commencement of the Fisheries Management Amendment Act 2009, including actively engaging Indigenous Compliance Officers.

Mick Veitch

Shadow Minister for Agriculture