We are developing the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Amendment Regulations 2024 (proposed Regulations) to support the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act 2021. The proposed Regulations set out operational requirements for offshore electricity infrastructure projects in Australian Commonwealth waters.  

The proposed Regulations set out arrangements for: 

  • management plans; 
  • a design notification scheme; 
  • financial securities; 
  • safety and protection zones; 
  • work health and safety; 
  • record keeping; and 
  • fees.  

We are seeking your feedback to inform the development of the proposed Regulations.  

We have prepared a consultation paper which describes how the proposed Regulations are intended to work in practice. We encourage you to read the consultation paper before taking the survey as it may help you make an informed contribution to the public comment process.

Please ensure all feedback remains in relation to the proposed Regulations (as opposed to the general offshore wind industry or other matters). General feedback not relating to the proposed Regulations will not be considered as part of this survey. 

To have your say:

  • read the consultation paper
  • take our survey

 Submit your feedback by 11.59 PM on Sunday, 12 May 2024.