In good news for anglers, Snapper catch limits will increase tomorrow for recreational (non-charter) fishers in the South East Fishery Zone following recent record recruitment events and increasing Snapper fish stocks.

The limit will increase from one Snapper per person per day to 2 Snapper per person per day. The boat limit where 3 or more persons are on board has increased from 3 Snapper per boat to 6 Snapper per boat.

Charter boat fishing trip limits remain the same, with daily bag and boat limits specified by the regulations.

The 2023-24 season total allowable catch for Snapper in the South East Fishery has been increased by 10% for the Recreational Fishery and Charter Boat Fishery as a result of uncaught carry-over from the 2022-23 season.

The mandatory reporting requirement when taking Snapper has also changed. Boat based fishers in the South East are now required to report their Snapper catch before the Snapper is brought ashore or landed. Shore based fishing is still required to be reported prior to fishers leaving their location.

Mandatory reporting of Snapper catches can be made via:

The new limits and mandatory reporting requirements for Snapper in the South East Zone commence Wednesday, 18 October 2023. Snapper fishing closures remain in place on the West Coast, Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent, to help Snapper stocks recover until 30 June 2026.