The future of the endangered Macquarie perch continues to shine brighter with nearly 80,000 fingerlings stocked into Victorian waters to re-establish wild populations across the state, backed by the Allan Labor Government.

Minister for Outdoor Recreation Steve Dimopoulos today announced more than 78,000 Macquarie perch produced at the Victorian Fisheries Authority’s (VFA) Snobs Creek hatchery near Eildon have been stocked into nine rivers and lakes to fast track the recovery of the once-prominent native fish.

The production and release of the ‘Macca’ fingerlings has been supported by the Labor Government’s $96 million Go Fishing and Boating Victoria plan and recreational fishing licence fees – boosted by the VFA’s record-breaking fish stocking program which as its sights set on stocking 10 million fish for the second time in three years.

More than 20,000 Macquarie perch fingerlings have been stocked in the King River while the Goulburn River has been boosted with 13,100 fish.

Cudgewa Creek received 12,800 fingerlings, the Ovens and Buffalo rivers have each been stocked with 10,000 fish and Broken River welcomed 5,000 fish. Dartmouth Dam was topped up with 3,000, while Seven Creeks gained 2,800 and 2,000 went into Hughes Creek.

This year of production is the first to benefit from a three-year, multi-million-dollar research project led by the Albanese and Allan Labor Governments to ‘crack the code’ on breeding Macquarie perch.

With collaboration across community and educational organisations, catchment management authorities, research partners and recreational fishers, the project ensures we learn more about the best nutrition, hormones and breeding conditions for Macquarie perch to thrive in the hatchery environment.

The recovery of Macquarie perch is also supported by significant upgrades at the VFA’s Snobs Creek and Arcadia fish hatcheries, with $15 million invested in world-class infrastructure. Snobs Creek now features a new captive breeding centre with leading aquaculture technology.

The VFA is also protecting wild populations of Macquarie perch with new rules for recreational fishers across Victoria.

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“Macquarie perch were once abundant throughout much of northern Victoria and these stockings are a vital step in rebuilding wild populations so future generations can enjoy these magnificent native fish.”

“The work being done to crack the code when it comes to breeding Maccas will lead to reliable production and achieving the long-term goal of sustainable recreational fisheries for Macquarie perch in years to come.”

Steve Dimopoulos

Minister for Outdoor Recreation

“Rivers across the north-east are already showing positive signs from recent years of stocking, the future looks bright for the Macquarie perch.”

Jaclyn Symes

Member for Northern Victoria