The WA Industry is reeling from another questionable decision from the Fisheries Minister, this time banning ALL wire traces from shore between Mandurah and Two Rocks. This is apparently a way to prevent Shark attacks and stop attracting them to our beaches, despite three sightings last weekend after the ban was imposed. WARFFA discourages anglers from targeting or berleying for sharks in areas where there is a high population of swimmers and beachgoers. A small minority of anglers employ such practices, which are no longer acceptable in the public eye. But stopping the average fisho using 20 or 30lb wire trace for Tailor or 60 or 80lb for Mackerel doesn’t make sense, shows a lack of consultation with industry stakeholders, and takes more sales off WA tackle wholesalers and retailers.

With the six-month ban now in place, stores are feeling the pressure, and no doubt, when the season opens briefly on the 15th of December, boat ramps will become utter chaos with anglers chasing a feed for Christmas.

In better news; the promised FADs programme is rolling out state-wide, providing anglers many opportunities to target species such as Mahi Mahi and tuna during summer and autumn. Anglers have started targeting more inshore and estuary species, such as Flathead and Flounder, which has increased sales of light tackle products. Surf fishing continues its popularity growth, which also helps get Anglers into stores.

Chris Webster – Perth FADs – Rottnest Island

Recfishwest has launched TV advertising for its @castofthousands campaign, which has key personalities promoting fishing during prime time TV, discussing the benefits of fishing and why they love it so much. Any form of positive marketing around Recreational Angling in this state in the Public Eye is good news, and RFW has done a great job putting this series together.

Tim Farnell
AFTA WA Ambassador
Red Mullet Distributors